On the Radar

 One of the most surprising albums of the year comes from Florence + The Machine’s Lungs. The artist’s first radio single, “Kiss with a Fist” makes her sound like a feisty Ida Maria, though a closer listen to any of the other songs on the album reveal a modern day hybrid of Annie Lennox and Kate Bush. The fiery red head, Florence, is the latest t British female to make her debut across the pond.  Every song has an effective beat; the uplifting “Dogs Days Are Over” seems to take a nod from the sounds of Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”.  Some songs highlight a more spiritual side to the artist, such as  “You’ve Got The Love” is reminscent of George Harrison’s “Awaiting On You All”. While Florence’s voice isn’t as deep as Lennox it does have remarkable range, which is demonstrated in both “Howl” and “Drumming Song”. It’s undeniable that this gal has talent. The album is simply fun and is both radio friendly and richly layered in lyrics and sound.  This may be an album I find myself continually coming back to, which is one the highest compliment I can give to a new artist.


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